Beauty in the Bag

Philosophy Animal Cracker Lip gloss: This product provides a high gloss shine for a long time. The color is soft and natural which I prefer most days for a nice sheer look.

Mary Kay Coral Bliss Lipstick: On the days I need a little lip color or for special occasions I use this lipstick. It’s just the right shade of color—not too soft or not too bold—and it goes with almost everything.

Mary Kay Peach Satin Hands: I keep lotion with me for myself and kids to quickly sooth dry skin affected by the summer rays.

Duct Tape Wallet: My daughter and her friends have created the Girls Duct Tape Shop. They make duct tape items and the proceeds go back to charity. My pink and daisy wallet is functional, unique, and kid created.

Duct Tape purple lined makeup purse: This durable, fashionable print bag has a special touch since my 10-year-old daughter made it for me.

Wood-turned pen: A pen is handy to take notes on the go, and it’s special because it’s homemade.

Duct Tape Pen: From the Girls Duct Tape Shop.

Pencil Eraser: I keep this handy when my kids are doing math and school work on the go. Nobody is perfect, so having an eraser is handy.

Cellphone: I like to snap pictures, so having my cellphone handy makes this easy. Also it helps me have access to locations, numbers and addresses whenever I need them.

How do you stay beautiful on the go?

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